Abrands triangular symbolism represents the three laws of their purpose: Fit, Finish and Fabric. Their dedication to the three laws is stitched on the back pocket of their jeans.

Fabric: They love denim. You can tell the quality of a jean right away by the feel of the fabric. If you feel denim that’s soft and has certain moisture to the fabric, it means the fabric was made with good-quality cotton, even if the denim is raw and unwashed. They have over 30 years experience in knowing what fabrics work best with each fit.

Fit: They know denim fits. They consider fabric capabilities, market and customer requirements and aesthetics. They are committed to developing the ultimate in denim fits, and are eternally seeking ways to reinvent timeless styles.

Finish: They complete each jean with every consideration from trim detailing to washes. Every decision is born from both rational and creative reasoning, resulting in a jean made with motivated purpose.

Their committed to creating fun, collaborative and music focused experiences, coupling your favourite Abrand jeans with the best times of your life.